Fall is on the way….finally!

I think that we are finally moving past the summer heat in Central California. That being said, the countdown has started for final fair preparations. I try to push my personal boundaries with quantity and content every year, and this year is no exception. Adding to the mix this week is the California Food Expolicious event on Tuesday, plus the fact that I am taking an accelerated class while working full time. The fair turn-in is this week, so that means several late nights wrapping up a few things. I have a couple weeks until the baked goods are due, and that week will be even more frenetic (like always).

I enjoy the challenge to see what I can get done in a very short timeframe, and I really do love cooking and baking. I realized last year when we dropped off the second trunkload of goodies that the volunteers in the Home Arts building see all kinds of deliciousness brought in but never get to taste any. I am going to try to make a little extra, so that they can have something to snack on while they are checking everyone’s items in.

For those that play the home game with me every year, I will post a checklist to print out. I know what I enter, but it still takes me over an hour to find everything. I will post the recipes on this site after I turn everything in. I will say that true to form, I definitely added some new skills to my set this year.

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