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Always striving to be better

One thing about life is that you can always work at being better. That is true with cooking and baking too. I am always trying to learn something new, master a new technique, try a new ingredient (I wish I had a larger pantry!), read more, and find new things to put on the website. Before Covid-19, we had planned to be in Las Vegas this week to go to Robert Irvine’s event to benefit Three Square Food Bank. We attended it last year and had a lot of fun, especially when I won the chef coat Robert was wearing in an auction. As of today, Las Vegas is slowly reopening, but I prefer to wait just a bit longer to make sure it is safe to travel. By the way, Robert is the real deal. He is just like he presents himself on Restaurant Impossible. The man works non-stop, and gives a lot for the military and their families.

Working with Allison Wolfe on the Worst Cooks bingo this season has been fun, and I look forward to more of the zaniness when Alex Guarnaschelli joins Anne and a new cast of bootcamp recruits. This is one show that makes me laugh and yell at the television at the same time. I often wonder how all the contestants made it to this stage in life without learning how to cook. Two shows left, with the final round next week. I have no idea who might be in the final two, but it will definitely be interesting.

Over the last few weeks I filmed a few short clips for the local library to post for their summer session. Given that it was something completely new, both my husband and I learned a little about lighting and filming. One thing for sure, trying to film in the house at night or when it is over 100 degrees outside create challenges that we learned from. Each one was a little better than the one before, and it was easier to “talk to the camera” when I demonstrated a recipe. It’s a work in progress to be sure, but I did have fun doing it. Time to write up and post the recipes I used; I’ll post the links for the library once they are up.

The next project will be tackling my 400+ cookbook library. That will be quite a task to sort, catalog, then organize on the shelves. I am not sure how I want to group them, other than put the celebrity chefs on the top shelves followed by my favorites. Therein lies the challenge. Watch for the list and photos over the next week or so.

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