Ice cream is the way to go

It seems to be the summer without end in California. We are having 100+ temps for weeks on end, and so many fires around the state that the haze never clears completely. Mother Nature is telling us to stay inside. I can do that since I’m working remotely, and only leave the house when I have to because of Covid-19. I don’t have it, but I have to assume it is out there given the counts. So Monday through Friday 8-5 I push paperwork, schedule things, and make calls for the department I work for. The start and end of semesters is very busy, and I don’t expect to make much headway for about another week. Thank goodness we have a holiday next Monday. I have nothing special planned, as the forecast is 108-110 for Sunday/Monday.

One thing I do have control of during the crazy year that is 2020 is what I make for food and beverage. Well, that and listening to drum corp recordings on all day during work. It makes the day that much better when you hear a screaming trumpet, a slamming drum line, and every type of music you can think of (Appalachian Spring just segued into Take 5). I have a penchant for percussion and low brass. I highly recommend it. Anyway, back to food.

I have lots of small appliances, baking pans of all shapes and sizes, and now two refrigerators. Living where we do, there is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been swapping out a few more meals to plant based, or increasing the whole grain/veg and reducing the meat a little. Baby steps are easier to keep up with than big changes. The flavor is still wonderful, so nothing is lost in the process. The two things I refuse to give up are ice cream or cheese. Won’t do it. Low/no fat is no bueno for me. It doesn’t mean that I go overboard, I just make sure to use quality products so I don’t have to use as much.

I did start making my own ice cream or frozen treat bars. I found silicone forms (adult sized) that are easy to clean and store that provide a perfect portion size. I can control what goes in them, and I only make two at a time. Well, maybe four, but they are two different types and sizes. It takes cheesecake to a whole other level. Tonight will be tropical fruit bars with toasted coconut and coconut cream. I’ll make ice cream soon to go with the dark chocolate cookies from last weekend before we eat them all. Do you think ice cream should have a special place on the website just to itself? Let me know.

The worst day can be made better with ice cream. It can’t solve problems, but it can make you feel loved. Leave a comment in the section below on what your favorite flavor is.

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