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Grown-up Easy Bake Oven

A few months ago, I made a splurge purchase and bought a toaster oven. I love the Whirlpool gas range/oven that we installed several years ago, but sometimes you don’t want to heat the entire kitchen up for a small batch of anything. I got a Nostalgia Retro 12-slice convection toaster oven (yes, on sale and with a coupon). We looked at quite a few, but I wanted something that held more than a postage stamp-sized tray. This one is decent size, and fits our counterspace well. For those that are new, I have a REALLY small galley style kitchen, and counter/storage space is at a minimum.

Nostalgia Retro 12-slice Toaster Oven

It is red, retro-styled (as the name implies – truth in advertising), and appears perfect in size for two people. I’m not going to cook a turkey or five-course meal with it, but smaller meals will be great when it is 109 degrees outside. I thought the convection feature was interesting. The one-appliance-does-it-all trend is in full swing, but I didn’t want one with too many bells and whistles since I already have an Instant Pot, dehydrator, multiple crock pots, and a great oven. I do wish that it had a light inside, but that is minor. It sat on the counter gathering dust for a month before I got around to using it, but it has been busy as of late. In the last few weeks it has been used for biscuits, small cakes, meatballs, and roasting vegetables. I haven’t used the convection feature much yet, but it seems to work pretty well. Time (and more cooking) will tell.

One thing has stood out so far. Even though the toaster oven is adult-sized, it feels like I’m using a grown-up Easy Bake Oven. It might be partially because it is candy apple red. The tray isn’t teeny tiny, but it is certainly not the size of even a half-sheet pan. Maybe an eighth sheet pan. It certainly makes me giggle and feel like a kid when I use it.

I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven. My parents were very practical, and did a kitchen remodel when I was around 5 years old. They put in a double oven to help with the volume of cooking a family of five needed. So when I asked for one for a birthday or Christmas present, their response was that I had two perfectly capable (adult) ovens to use. Not something that a kid wants to hear, but you just go with it. Looking back, I’m glad they did because I learned how to cook and bake with real-sized pans instead of a metal saucer and light bulb. Unlike Alton Brown, I don’t have the room to create a Mega Bake with 56 theater lights. This toaster oven is about the size of an old school Easy Bake, but it is easier to use and clean up (I still wish it had a light though). I’m still kicking the tires on this model, but so far it is performing as expected and I’m happy with the purchase. (not a sponsored post)

Do you have an appliance or other cooking/baking item that reminds you of your childhood?

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