Worst Cooks in America Bingo Cards

Season 26 – 9/10/23 Double Header

Chefs Anne Burrell and Jeff Mauro welcome 16 fun and flirty singles to the boot camp kitchen. But how badly can they cook? Will they find love on the way to $25K?

Love at First Bite: What Happens In Boot Camp (26-7)

Chefs Anne Burrell and Jeff Mauro are fresh from a wild night of partying as boot camp transforms into the Las Vegas strip, and the teams play a game where they must piece together clues to retrace the chefs’ steps and locate a missing dish. After recreating the dish without a recipe, the singles learn how to make a showstopping fish dish that focuses on plating and presentation. The winning streak continues for some recruits, but the buck stops here for the ones with the worst dishes.

Episode recipes:

Love at First Bite: All Is Fair in Love and Cooking (26-8)

It’s down to the final four recruits, so Anne Burrell and Jeff Mauro test all their skills by challenging them to create a composed dish using ingredients in specially curated meal kits. The two recruits with the best dishes continue on to the final cook. Later, Anne and Jeff teach their recruits a three-course, restaurant-quality meal, and the finalists must put all their newfound skills to work in order to impress a panel of culinary experts, despite a huge twist thrown at them by a surprise special guest. Judges Chris Scott, Christian Petroni and Hawa Hassan taste the recruits’ dishes in a blind taste test and determine the winner of the $25,000 prize.



Pick a card (or several) and print it up. Will you get a bingo or bust?

Note: Opening sequence of Worst Cooks does not count towards a bingo.

You can print a card by putting your mouse over the card you want and right click. Choose “open in a new tab”. You should be able to print the card easily on the new tab that opened up.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Food Network or Worst Cooks in America. I am a food groupie that loves the show, and I have no idea what is on each episode until everyone else does.

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