Worst Cooks in America Bingo Cards

Viral Sensations: Glitch in the Culinary Matrix / Robo-Roast

Season 25 – 1/29/2023 double-header

Week 5 is another double-header for the recruits and chefs. Episode #1 has boot camp hacked, and the recruits have to go into the Matrix to track down missing recipe data. The recruits have to taste international dishes and try to find the ingredient disks. Next is the skill drill with a pierogi throwdown, and the main cook tests their fish filleting skills for fish tacos.

The second episode brings back one of my favorite recruit tests, Remote Control Chef. Hilarity will ensue with the recruits trying to taste and describe a dish to the chefs to try to replicate. The main dish challenge will put the recruits on the toes to show the mentor chefs how much they’ve learned.

Episode recipes:

For this week’s bingo, the inner white squares are for the first show (episode 25-06) and the purple squares are for the second show (episode 25-07).

Pick a card (or several) and print it up. Will you get a bingo or bust?

Note: Opening sequence of Worst Cooks does not count towards a bingo.

You can print a card by putting your mouse over the card you want and right click. Choose “open in a new tab”. You should be able to print the card easily on the new tab that opened up.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Food Network or Worst Cooks in America. I am a food groupie that loves the show, and I have no idea what is on each episode until everyone else does.

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