Worst Cooks in America Bingo

Season 22 – New season update!

The new season of Food Network‘s Worst Cooks in America kicks off April 25th with a major redemption round! The Best of the Worst will get another chance to show their stuff and try to win over Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Michael Symon’s hearts.

The contestants are Jonathan Beyer (season 17), Dr. Lulu Boykin and Jefferson Goldie (season 18), Domaine Javier (season 20), Stephanie James and Joey Kinsley (season 21), Mercedes Manda (season 17), and Eric Smart (season 20). Time to pick your favorites! (Who do you like the most from past seasons, and why is it Domaine?)

The new bingo cards will be posted the week of April 19th.

Watching old episodes on Discovery+? You can click on the link below the bingo card archive for the 2020 card archive.

Note: Opening sequence of Worst Cooks does not count towards a bingo.

You can print a card by putting your mouse over the card you want and right click. Choose “open in a new tab”. You should be able to print the card easily on the new tab that opened up.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Food Network or Worst Cooks in America. I am a food groupie that loves the show, and I have no idea what is on each episode until everyone else does.

Looking for bingo cards for past seasons? Click here to go to the Bingo Card Archive.

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