Worst Cooks in America Bingo Cards

Halloween Redemption Double Header 9/26/22

The next season of Worst Cooks is in production. Check back for updates and new bingo cards. If you have Discovery+ you can watch previous seasons. The bingo card archive below has cards starting from Season 18.

Pick a card (or several) and print it up. Will you get a bingo or bust?

Note: Opening sequence of Worst Cooks does not count towards a bingo.

You can print a card by putting your mouse over the card you want and right click. Choose “open in a new tab”. You should be able to print the card easily on the new tab that opened up.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Food Network or Worst Cooks in America. I am a food groupie that loves the show, and I have no idea what is on each episode until everyone else does.

Watching old episodes on Discovery+? You can click on the link below for the 2020-2022 card archive. Looking for bingo cards for past seasons? Click here to go to the Bingo Card Archive.

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