Not all nut butters are the same

I recently decided to try a newer brand of nut butter that I had heard about through the Stone Brewing media feed – Nutista. Stone had paired with Nutista to create three nut butters that also included the same ingredients that were used to make beer. The results were interesting, versatile, and very tasty. I am never one to back down from a culinary challenge, and I decided to combine Nutista’s product with Stone beer to create baked goods to take to the Stone Beer God himself, Greg Koch. Additional parameters for the challenge were low/no white flour and no/low white sugar. I used coconut sugar as the primary sweetener, and chickpea, almond, spelt, and teff for the flours. I made Nut Job Spent Grain Cookies, Tangerine IPA Shortbread (two ways), and a W00tstout brownie that was as fudgy and rich as any you have ever had. I discovered by accident that the Tangerine IPA Nutista nut butter turns into a wonderful “frosting” of sorts on baked goods. I plan on trying the others in the same way.  I highly recommend giving Nutista products a try. They are made with natural ingredients, with no  preservatives or added sugar.

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