Summer days are here/cookbook library update

We are at the start of at least a one week heatwave of 100+ temperatures, which means that anything needing done outside has to be accomplished before I start work at 7am or after dark (which is NOT happening). Once I’m off of the clock at 3:30pm, I pick a project to work on before starting dinner. Sometimes the project is dinner; it depends on the day.

The Covid-19 isn’t fun for anyone, and staying home all of the time other than for the needful things gets old (even for this homebody). I have been putting off cataloging and organizing my cookbook collection for a long time. My hubby has been a very good sport about it overall. Not having a current list has caused me to accidentally buy duplicates of a few books. I’ve also been promising to post my cookbook list for awhile too. Yesterday I had had enough of the many, many boxes and decided the time had come to dig them out and get organized.

Two and a half hours later, I had five cataloged and sorted boxes plus another eight feet of books to go through. If you think that is a lot of books, I am barely getting started. There are three bookcases that are racked and packed as well. It will take at least a week to get them all checked, sorted, and put back, but the end result will be worth it. I am keeping track of the signed copies, and will be selling any duplicates. I also decided to group all of the Food Network chefs together, then the ones that I wind up using the most (Jet Tila, I’m looking at your cookbooks!). The rest will mostly be shelved by rough topic (e.g. brewing, Asian cooking, baking, etc.).

I hope you find my little cookbook library amusing. There is a wide range of topics and authors to choose from.

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