2021 – A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Well, we’re under way into the new year. Same pandemic, but there is hope and vaccines on the horizon. I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that I miss being able to leisurely browse at the store, but after a year I can safely say that I am finally getting the hang of working remotely (setting up the background area, lighting, makeup, hair, etc. for Zoom meetings). Ok, maybe not the hair. It is what it is. Being remote isn’t that bad, and I love the 15 second commute from getting coffee to the bedroom that I am using as my office space. I also like the super-comfy attire when working from home. I don’t know when the university will have the staff work more hours on campus, but there will be a little bit of adjustment after doing this since last March.

In looking back, even with all the bad things that happened around the world in 2020 there were good things. Take a few minutes and thing about it. I bet that you can come up with 3-4 positive things or events. Having to find new ways to do things opened up other opportunities and made us be creative. I learned how to make and shoot cooking videos (thank you to my #1 taste tester and photographer, my hubby), met amazing people through the WC bingo cards and playing along with the show, and learned that I can talk on camera during a live feed without being too awkward (mostly). I can actually say that I feel more accomplished on several levels than I did a year ago. Always more forward, even if it is slowly. Progress is just that, and any skill learned can be a good thing down the road.

As the title of this post says, a rolling stone gathers no moss. I miss performing in person with the Clovis Community Band and the Wind Symphony of Clovis, but they have been working on virtual ways so that we can still make music together. It isn’t perfect, but it does make you want to practice more so you don’t drop notes anywhere. I’ve also started working on a few side projects that should be live by summertime, and continuing to work with the local library on themed cooking videos. The Valentine Tapas for Two (small plates for sharing) will be live February 11 (see the flyer below), and I’ll post the links for it under the Fresno County Library Sessions on this site. I hope you tune in and let me know what you think. I love making the WC bingo cards every week, and I’m happy that others enjoy them as well. It is such a fun show; I often wonder how the recruits made it to adulthood without having even basic knowledge (like how to use a can opener). Allison Wolfe (season 15 winner) has a live Instagram feed every Sunday about an hour before the show, and Darian Barnes (season 20), Stephanie James (season 21), and I chime it about the previous week.

Have you set new goals for 2021? I don’t believe in making “resolutions” but I do believe in making goals. One good thing about that is you can adapt them as the situation changes. Set a few short, medium, and longer term goals that you want to get done this year. Write them down somewhere, and even post one or two where you see them every day. Make a plan on how to reach them and write them down. You can do it. One of mine is to learn to make croissants this year. Well, that and finally get the cookbook library organized. I did get all of the Food Network and celebrity chefs put into one bookshelf, so baby steps do add up.

So. 2021 is new and shiny still. What do you want to do with it? How can you be the best you that you can be? Your goal today is to pick one thing, just one, that you’ve always wanted to try or learn. Write it down and at least two steps to make to get there. Now set the date to make step one happen. There! Progress! Keep on keepin’ on, and always move forward.

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