Cookbooks, more cookbooks, and still more cookbooks!

Now that the campus is working summer hours, I have a little extra time after work to get small projects slowly caught up. The big one on my list is cataloging the many bookcases of cookbooks that I have. I made it through a little over one bookcase today, and made it a goal to tackle one (or at least most of one) each day. As I do, the cookbook list will be updated (you can find it here). I’ve had to devise codes for each of the cases so that I can find the books I am looking for on that particular day. It will also help to tell quickly if I have an interesting book already, so that I don’t buy duplicates (I’ve done that on more than a few occasions). As the list grows, make a guess as to what the final count will be and leave it in the comments.

There are a few new possible side adventures on the horizon, from the looks of it. Nothing for certain yet, but we’ll see what happens. I have started putting together a mystery box of 3-4 ingredients on Instagram every three weeks and revealing what I came up with the following Sunday. So far so good for Adventurous Eating. It is fun, and I get to eat the experiments. Everyone wins. I promise to post pictures even if the dish doesn’t quite make it. Not everything is pretty, but as long as it tastes good I am happy.

Oh! Almost forgot to remind everyone that the finale of the Worst Cooks – Best of the Worst is this Sunday, May 30th. This will be a double elimination of sorts because they are starting the episode with the final four recruits. Two will be cut early on, and the final two will battle it out for $25k. I have my favorites, but you’ll have to turn into Allison Wolfe’s Pajama Party on Instagram at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT on Sunday before the show. (Who is your favorite recruit, and why is it Domaine?) This has been a nail-biter all season, so you know the finale will be WILD!

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