Wearable Art, locally sourced

“I believe the Tree of Life should represent your life, your adventure. It can signify your personality, spirituality, strength, love, a memory, or maybe just your mood for the day.” – Debbie, My Twisted Tree Shop

One of the main takeaways from the last year and a half is how much humans crave art and “center”. We missed going to live performances and being able to interact with others. Art encompasses so many things: painting or sculpture, the performing arts, intangible things like sunsets or watching the wind in the trees, and yes, even the obligatory pandemic sourdough starter that hopefully became bread. The internet provided ways of relief with virtual performances, go to remote comedy shows (Niko, I see you!), script readings (who else watched the Princess Bride
panel? ❤️), and tours of famous sites across the globe.

I missed being able to wander the local farmers markets, and some of the arts and crafts shows that are big in our area throughout the year. I also missed being able to dress as She Hulk at comic cons, but that’s another story. Just last night, I found that one of my friends had started her side business back up making beautiful tree necklaces. They are all individually done, and there are so many styles that it is difficult to choose just one. Even better is that they are extremely affordable, so you can get one (or two) for yourself and still have enough left over to gift a special tree for someone else. You can find her on Facebook and Etsy under @mytwistedtreeshop.


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