Time flies…..

So far, 2022 has been moving merrily (and rather quickly) along. The semester is almost done, the Wind Symphony has a joint concert on May 1st with the Air Force Band of the Golden West, and I’m counting down until May 13-15th when the National Garlic Festival will be held in Fresno. This food groupie would be very excited to have a way to talk with the chefs (Food Network and local) about what they are making with garlic.

We had a recent trip to Las Vegas for my birthday (separate post later this weekend), where we ate our way across the Strip on a foodcation. No spoilers, but I do have to give Hell’s Kitchen a double thumbs-up for great service, quality of food, and cost overall. We didn’t get to try any of the many gelato vendors though. We were so full from all of the planned meals that we had no room for anything else. I know, me pass up ice cream?! Next trip for sure.

I’m enjoying working with the doctor on my internship for the folklore archiving project. We have created the process from the ground up, and have had to overcome a few bubbles in the process. It is slower going than we both would like, but I’m learning a lot as we go. It looks like it will probably continue after the semester is over, and become a paid side-gig. After all of the work and progress, I would really hate for someone new to take over.

There are a few things planned for spring and summer. I’m going to be adding to the cookbook page weekly. I have to, because I forget which books I already have and sometimes wind up with duplicates. The Fresno County Library contracted with me for a couple of videos for summer meals that will be aired in July. If you miss the debut showings, they will be available on the library’s website and YouTube. I hope you pop in to watch; I am very happy with the dishes chosen.

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